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He wanted a break from the action.


Former Army Ranger Garrett Morgan loves working for Tactical Operations. Using his special forces training to rescue innocent civilians is what he lives for. But lately, Garrett’s been feeling the strain of a life that’s all work and no play. So, when he’s offered the chance for a little rest and relaxation, he takes it. Not realizing the decision is one that will change his life forever.


She wanted to prove she could be more.


At twenty-eight, Ashley Webb has a perfectly fine life. But she wants more than fine. She wants excitement. Adventure. And most of all…she never, ever wants to hear her sister call her boring and predictable again. So, when she’s dared to do something impulsive, Ashley accepts the challenge by booking a week-long cruise…alone. Though she instantly regrets the decision, Ashley is determined to follow through. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


They found each other in paradise…but a killer followed them both home.


When Garrett and Ashley bump into each other on the ship—literally—the sparks are instant and impossible to deny. What starts as a no-strings vacation romance soon turns into something more. The two embark on a journey of discovery and passion, but when a deadly situation makes Ashley a killer’s target, Garrett and his team will stop at nothing to rescue the woman he loves and bring her home.


Tactical Operations (TAC-OPS) is a brand-new team of former military men written for Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha world. Working closely with Ghost, Tex, and other characters from Ms. Stoker’s world, these badass alphas will bring you stories filled with adventure, steamy romance, and edge-of-your-seat suspense.



October 26, 2021



She speaks for the dead.

For Dr. Maggie Carpenter, spending the day surrounded by death isn't just's her calling. As a forensic pathologist, it's her job to find justice for victims who are unable to speak for themselves. So when the sexy FBI agent she worked with a few months ago asks her to consult on a particularly disturbing case in Colorado, she can't bring herself to say no.

He lives to bring killers to justice.

FBI Special Agent Noah Killion has come face-to-face with evil before, but nothing like the killer he's up against now. With a monster terrorizing his city, he and his team will use every resource they have at their disposal to stop him. Including the beautiful, brilliant doctor he can't seem to forget.

The man they're hunting wants one more trophy for his collection. 

Working together again, the chemistry between Maggie and Noah becomes impossible to deny. While on the hunt for a killer, they find themselves falling hard and fast for one another. And when the monster in their sights becomes fixated on Maggie, Noah vows to keep the woman he's falling in love with safe...or die trying.

**Marked for Death is the first book in Ms. Blakely's exciting new romantic suspense series. As with all of Blakely's books, readers should expect lots of heart racing, edge-of-your-seat suspense, hot, romantic scenes, and an HEA for every couple. This series will not contain cliffhangers.



Life is such a fickle beast. One that we take for granted.
Until it's too late and you're trapped in a place that not even your darkest imagination could conjure.

It’s too late for regrets.
Too late for what ifs.
Too late to be saved.
Or is it?

Dive into 11 intense, emotional, fictional romantic suspense stories intended to bring the issue of human trafficking out of the shadows and into the light.

Sadly, the buying and selling of people is the fastest growing criminal industry on the planet. There are approximately forty million victims of human trafficking globally.

Only one percent of victims are ever rescued.

All proceeds will be donated to Thorn, who build tools to defend children from sexual abuse.

November 3, 2021

November 30, 2021



Book 1 in the Exciting New Charlie Team Series (A R.I.S.C Spinoff Series)


*More information soming soon.

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