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Anna Blakely





Marked for Disaster

A man who was born to protect. A woman running from danger. An unknown enemy who refuses to quit.

Former Navy SEAL Ivan Petrov is accustomed to a life of adrenaline and secrecy. No longer under Uncle Sam’s thumb, he now works for Denver's most renowned nightclub owner and private investigator. But when Ivan’s boss and his new wife depart for their honeymoon, Ivan is left in charge of the club, plunging him into a situation he never expected.

Cera Davidson is on the run from a deranged stalker. Desperately seeking a safe haven, she goes in search of the owner of Sin, the city's hottest nightclub. But the face she meets isn’t the one she expects. With her choices—and time—running out, Cera reluctantly agrees to place her life in Ivan’s hands. A decision that will forever change the course of both their futures.

Brought together by fate, these two strangers soon become so much more. However, just when they believe they have eluded the clutches of danger, disaster strikes with deadly consequences, threatening not only their lives but also the lives of everyone in their path.





Keeping His Promise

Five disbanded SEALs. A young widow who needs their help. An enemy waiting to strike…and a mystery that may never be solved.

Anna Blakely's exciting new Eagle’s Nest Securities Series follows a group of former Navy SEALs whose team was unexpectedly—and suspiciously—disbanded. With a vow to keep in touch, the five remaining members go their separate ways. But when the widow of their fallen brother is threatened, this fierce group of loyal protectors reunite to do what they do best…

Protect the innocent.

Driven by an unbreakable promise and the need for truth and justice, these wrongfully accused warriors will stop at nothing to keep one of their own safe. And who knows…they may just decide to make their reconnection permanent.

After all, the only way these former SEALs can uncover the truth about their past is by working the case from the beginning. Together.

No matter how long it takes.

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