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He’s a trained killer with dreams of a future…

Despite his efforts to the contrary, Former Army Ranger Asher Cross can’t forget the sexy doctor he and his team risked their lives to save. Her long dark hair and ocean blue eyes fill his dreams and fuel his fantasies. So, when Dr. Sydnee Blake unexpectedly appears on his doorstep, alone and afraid, Asher knows there’s only one choice to make… Her.

She’s a doctor who’s convinced she’s in danger…

Sydnee is being watched. She’s certain of it. Convincing the authorities, however, is a whole other frustrating story. Fearing the worst, Sydnee goes to the one man she hasn’t been able to forget. The mouthwatering operative with an intense gaze and lips she longed to taste.


But this isn’t about longing or lust… It’s about staying alive. Something she’d very much like to do.

There’s only one man she trusts to keep her safe.

Despite the lack of evidence—and his team’s concerns—Asher believes Sydnee’s claims that she’s in danger once again. Taking charge of her protection, he vows to find the man responsible for the fear in her eyes. A fear that soon proves to be very, very real.


And if he and the rest of Charlie Team fail to eliminate the threat, it’ll be Asher who suffers the most. Because a life without Sydnee isn’t a life he wants to imagine.

Asher is a tale filled with action, suspense, and passion so hot it’ll burn right off the pages. Join Asher and the men of RISC’s Charlie Team as they do what they do best: Protect the women they love.



August 30th!


Marked for Deception

He lied to catch a killer. She just wanted to escape the past. Neither realized just how deadly their deceptions could be.

Denver homicide detective Declan King lives by a strict code. But when he’s tasked with using an escaped serial killer’s daughter to catch the twisted murder, his black and white world becomes blurred in ways he never could’ve imagined. And if he isn’t careful, Declan just might find himself crossing a line from which he'll never return.

Twelve years ago, Skye Lewis’ silence cost two women their lives. Since then, she’s lived a life of solitude. The unbearable guilt and shame, her penance. The only solace Skye feels comes from the knowledge that her serial killer father will spend the rest of his life behind bars. But when he escapes, and Skye’s life is put in danger, she finds comfort and protection from an unlikely source… The man who arrested her father all those years before.

Despite the secrets hovering between them, Declan and Skye soon find themselves caught in a web of passion and danger. But when their truths are revealed, the love they’ve only just discovered isn’t the only thing at risk. Because if Declan can’t neutralize the threat against Skye in time, he’ll lose more than his reputation as the best detective in Denver…

He’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

September 27th!



Tragedy brought them together. A killer will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

For former SEAL Greyson Frost, nothing is more important than loyalty. It’s why this Charlie Team operative keeps his feelings for his best friend’s little sister hidden. But when tragedy strikes and Taylor becomes a killer’s target, all bets—and past promises—are off.

Taylor Winslow is used to devastation and loss. Determined to pick up the pieces of her shattered family and start fresh, she pulls herself together long enough to deal with everything her brother left behind…including his ruggedly handsome best friend. But before she can begin her new life, Taylor discovers a side to her brother she never knew. One that sends her straight into a killer’s path.

Having no one left to turn to, Taylor puts her life—and her heart—in Greyson’s hands. Before long, they both find the love they’ve been missing, and a future someone is out to destroy. With the help of his teammates, Greyson will risk it all to save the woman who owns him. Because a life without Taylor isn’t an option. Not anymore.

October 25th!


Marked for Obsession

Book 4 in Anna Blakely's Marked Series.
Marked for Obsession is Jax Monroe's story.
Blurb coming soon!

November 22nd!



Book 2 in the exciting new TAC-OPS Series!

Ethan's Obsession is former Ethan story.
Full blurb coming soon!

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