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Rescue, Intel, Security, & Capture


A team of former special forces operators who will stop at nothing to protect the women they love.

The members of R.I.S.C.’s Alpha Team have what it takes to bring down even the deadliest of

enemies. Often times, this means running headfirst into dangerous situations when the

government can’t—or won’t—intervene. Working closely with Homeland Security, these highly

skilled private security experts risk their lives while also fighting for the one thing worth dying

for: Love.


Taking a Risk Part One Cover pic.jpg

Taking A Risk - Part One

He Can't Imagine A Life Without Her

Former Delta Force Operator Jake McQueen can handle anything…except losing the only woman he’s ever loved. Feeling as though his entire world has been shattered, he gives in to his savage need for revenge. On a mission fueled by vengeance, Jake and the other members of R.I.S.C.'s Alpha Team travel deep into the jungle to find those who'd dared to take what was his and make them pay. What he doesn't expect to find is a miracle.

She's Fighting Against Herself

After narrowly escaping a fate worse than death, Olivia Bradshaw gets second chance at life. And miraculously, Still devastated by the violence she’s been forced to witness and endure, Olivia fights to stay alive while struggling to overcome her paralyzing survivor's guilt. If she doesn’t find a way past it, she may never be able to accept the love Jake is finally offering.

They're Being Hunted

Forced to separate from his team, Jake and Olivia make their way through the sweltering jungle. Together, they must outrun the men hunting them before they kill Jake and take Olivia for themselves. And if Jake's team can't get to them in time, their chance at finally getting the life they've both dreamed of will die with them.



Taking a Risk, Part Two cover copy.jpg

Taking A Risk - Part Two

They Thought She Was Safe

R.I.S.C. operative Jake McQueen left to ensure the woman who owns his soul was safe. Now he's back and ready to take their relationship to the next level. But before they can do that, he must confess his greatest sin. One that could cost him everything.

A Secret Tears Them Apart

Olivia Bradshaw not only survived hell, she rose up stronger and better than before. But she didn't do it alone. Just when Olivia is finally starting to believe a future with Jake is possible, a decades-long secret turns her entire world upside down.

Someone Wants Her Dead

A monster has been watching Olivia, waiting for the perfect chance to take her from Jake for good. When the unthinkable happens, it's a race against the clock. And if Jake and the other members of R.I.S.C.'s Alpha Team can't find Olivia in time, their dream of a life filled with happiness will be destroyed. And this'll be forever.



Beautiful Risk

He Doesn't Believe He's Worthy Of Love

Former Delta Force operator Trevor Matthews has spent a decade haunted by the sins of his past. Believing himself unworthy of love, he keeps his mind on his job and his heart close to the vest. Then he meets Lexi. The beautiful waitress with an angelic smile ignites a spark deep inside, making him crave a life he never thought possible.

Then He Finds Her

Lexi Hamilton was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a world-class chef when tragedy strikes. After losing everything that mattered to her, she has no other choice but to spend her days waiting tables and praying for tips. Busy clawing her way back to the life she aspires to have, the last thing Lexi expects is to fall in love. That all changes the moment she meets Trevor.

His Past Will Threaten Their Future

When the hunky private security expert protects her from a dangerous situation, Lexi and Trevor form an immediate, unbreakable connection. But just as Trevor is ready to give love another try, he realizes someone wants Lexi dead. Forced to face the demons from his past, he'll stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.



Intentional Risk

He Thought He'd Lost His Chance At Love

As a former SEAL and now Alpha Team's technical analyst, Derek West is all about the numbers. But when this Texas native unexpectedly bumps into the one that got away, he's determined to beat the odds. Derek wants to make Charlie a part of his life again—especially when he discovers she's been living with a monster.

She's Trying To Escape

To others, Charlotte "Charlie" Porter's elaborate life seems picture-perfect. Then again, no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. After a chance meeting with the one man she's never been able to forget, Charlie begins to dream of the road not taken. Unfortunately for them both, it's a road that could prove to be lethal.

He'll Move Heaven And Earth To Keep Her Safe

When Derek shows up just when she needs him most, Charlie finally breaks loose from her husband's abusive clutches. But as she and Derek begin to explore what could've been, these friends-to-lovers realize Charlie is in more danger than ever before. With an obsessive killer out to destroy their second chance, Derek will risk it all to save the woman he loves.



Unpredictable Risk

He Refuses To Let Anyone In

Former Navy SEAL Grant Hill believes love brings nothing but pain. Having suffered more loss than any one person should, the gruff R.I.S.C. operative has mastered the art of avoidance…especially when it comes to women. But with his newest bodyguard assignment, Grant’s unwavering determination is put to the ultimate test. It soon becomes clear that he's no match for the spunky, beautiful redhead who’s filled his dreams since the night they first met.

She's Determined To Break Through His Walls

Being the daughter of a United States Senator is no walk in the park. Especially for Brynnon Cantrell. The independent businesswoman would rather spend her days knocking down walls and staging homes than rubbing elbows with political supporters or smiling for the press. She’s determined to live life on her terms—and away from her father’s shadow. But when someone starts sending Senator Cantrell threats, Brynnon is forced into the protective shadow of another man. The same gorgeous, emotionally closed-off private security expert she’s spent months trying to forget.

Trusting The Wrong Person Could Have Deadly Consequences

The more time Grant and Brynnon spend together, the closer the two become. Soon, they’re giving in to their undeniable attraction. But when the person threatening the Senator sets his sights on Brynnon, Grant not only struggles to open his heart again…he must also fight to keep the woman he’s falling in love with alive.



Ultimate Risk

They've Been Partners For Years

Alpha Team snipers, Sean “Coop” Cooper and McKenna “Mac” Kelley have worked side-by-side for years. As partners, they’re a force to be reckoned with. As friends, they’re about as close as two people can get. But lately, something’s been brewing between them...A hidden, passionate level of desire neither has ever experienced before.

He Wants To be More

When Mac’s dangerous past catches up to her, she’s pulled back into the dark, ugly world she escaped from. Refusing to put her teammates at risk, she decides to take on her twisted family alone. But Coop has other plans. After all, Mac isn’t just his partner…She’s the woman who owns him, heart and soul. Even if she doesn't know it.

A Killer Is Out For Blood

When a target is placed on both their backs, Mac must face the secrets she buried, as well as the love she's been denying herself for years. Soon, she and Coop find themselves fighting to stay alive, determined to protect each other…and the future they both want.



Targeted Risk

He Spent A Decade Living A Lie

Returning to the dangerous world of deep cover is the last thing Mike Bradshaw—former Delta Force operator and newest member of R.I.S.C.’s Alpha Team—wants to do. But just when he thinks he’s finished with covert life for good, Mike discovers the woman he left behind—the woman he still loves—is in danger. Determined to protect her, he must once again become the man Juliet believes him to be. A man who doesn’t really exist.

She Doesn't Know Who She Can Trust

Trust doesn’t come easy for Juliet. Having a father in the Russian mob could do that to a girl. Then she meets Mike—the mysterious, tattooed man sent to protect her. Before long, lines are crossed and the love Juliet never thought existed is found…until the life she’d built for herself is suddenly ripped from her hands and Mike disappears without a trace.

He'll Trudge Through The Depths Of Hell To Protect her

When Mike unexpectedly waltzes back into Juliet’s life, neither can deny the same magnetic pull that first drew them in. Soon, however, their newly formed trust is put to the ultimate test when secrets are revealed and hearts are broken. Even worse, someone wants Juliet dead.

Determined to save the woman he loves, Mike will stop at nothing to get the target off Juliet’s back. After all, he’s the one who put it there.



Savage Risk

He'll Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Her

Until now, Dallas Detective Eric West has kept his burgeoning feelings for his partner to himself. But all that changes when Riley becomes a monster's next target. With both his heart and life on the line, Eric will stop at nothing to keep the woman he loves safe.

Her Savage Need For Justice My Cost Her Everything

When the serial killer who has haunted Detective Riley York for years suddenly reemerges, she vows to take him down for good. With her partner-turned-lover by her side, she will risk everything for one final chance to see justice served.

A Killer Wants Her For Himself

With help from R.I.S.C.'s Alpha Team, these two detectives will face their most dangerous opponent yet. One hellbent on destroying Riley's happiness—and her life—forever.



Undeniable Risk

He Spends His Days Fighting For justice

Homeland Agent Jason Ryker lives for his job, often blurring the lines between right and wrong for the greater good. But when the only woman ever to steal his focus—and his heart—becomes the target of a ruthless killer, there are no more lines. There's only her.

She's Spends Hers Saving Lives

Dr. Sophia Ruiz has the career she’s always dreamed of. Her personal life, however, is another story. Tall, dark, and stoically handsome Jason Ryker pushes all her female buttons. There's only one problem...he barely knows she exists. So when Sophie finds herself in danger, she’s shocked to see the aloof Homeland Agent risking his life to keep her safe.

A Ruthless Leader Wants Them Both Dead

Just as sparks between Jason and Sophie fly, she's thrown headfirst into another nightmare. One that has deadly consequences. With time running out, it’s up to Jason and the members of R.I.S.C. to save Sophie from a madman—before it’s too late.



His Greatest Risk

He's Searching For Purpose

Former Delta Force operator Trace Winters is an expert at two things: Finding the bad guys and taking them down. The instinct he was born with and the skills he’s learned make him the perfect candidate to lead R.I.S.C.’s new Charlie Team. But when Trace accepts a job working for Jake McQueen—his former teammate and friend—he quickly realizes he’s gotten more than he ever bargained for.

She's Searching For Love

Emma Cooper has always lived life to its fullest. From skydiving to culinary classes, there isn’t much she hasn’t done…except fall in love. While working a temp job at R.I.S.C., she meets Trace—a sexy, breath-stealing man who makes her knees weak and her insides quiver. But just when Emma decides to make her attraction for the hunky security expert known, all hell breaks loose and R.I.S.C. falls under attack

Someone Is Out To Destroy Risk...And Anyone Else Who Gets In His Way

With an unknown force out for revenge and Jake critically injured, Trace steps in to help Alpha Team win their toughest battle yet. But when Emma becomes the madman’s next target, Trace will risk everything to keep the woman he’s falling for safe. Because time is running out...for them all.

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