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Charlie Team

Anna Blakely's newest R.I.S.C. spinoff, this series features the men of Charlie Team - the new R.I.S.C. black ops security team based in Richmond, VA. All former-military, these men will stop at nothing to protect their country...and the women they love.




She thought she was free, but he won't ever let her go.


Mia Devereaux escaped from hell, and she has the scars to prove it. Two years later, she's still looking over her shoulder, afraid to let her guard down or open her heart to the possibility of more. Then she meets Kellan McBride.


Former Marine Kellan McBride is a man who knows danger. As an operative for RISC's new Charlie Team, he continues to protect the innocent by giving his job—and his teammates—his all. But there's something about Mia that sets his heart on fire and tilts his carefully planned world on its axis. He knows he should stay away from the quiet blonde with eyes that hold too many secrets, but their connection is too strong to ignore.


When Mia's past resurfaces and danger finds her once more, Kellan is determined to protect the woman he's falling in love with. Vowing to hunt down the darkness threatening her, he'll keep Mia safe and end her terror once and for all. Because if he can't, he may lose the woman who's captured his heart and soul—forever.




He’s a trained killer with dreams of a future…

Despite his efforts to the contrary, Former Army Ranger Asher Cross can’t forget the sexy doctor he and his team risked their lives to save. Her long dark hair and ocean blue eyes fill his dreams and fuel his fantasies. So, when Dr. Sydnee Blake unexpectedly appears on his doorstep, alone and afraid, Asher knows there’s only one choice to make… Her.

She’s a doctor who’s convinced she’s in danger…

Sydnee is being watched. She’s certain of it. Convincing the authorities, however, is a whole other frustrating story. Fearing the worst, Sydnee goes to the one man she hasn’t been able to forget. The mouthwatering operative with an intense gaze and lips she longed to taste.


But this isn’t about longing or lust… It’s about staying alive. Something she’d very much like to do.

There’s only one man she trusts to keep her safe.

Despite the lack of evidence—and his team’s concerns—Asher believes Sydnee’s claims that she’s in danger once again. Taking charge of her protection, he vows to find the man responsible for the fear in her eyes. A fear that soon proves to be very, very real.


And if he and the rest of Charlie Team fail to eliminate the threat, it’ll be Asher who suffers the most. Because a life without Sydnee isn’t a life he wants to imagine.

Asher is a tale filled with action, suspense, and passion so hot it’ll burn right off the pages. Join Asher and the men of RISC’s Charlie Team as they do what they do best: Protect the women they love.




Tragedy brought them together. A killer will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

For former SEAL Greyson Frost, nothing is more important than loyalty. It’s why this Charlie Team operative keeps his feelings for his best friend’s little sister hidden. But when tragedy strikes and Taylor becomes a killer’s target, all bets—and past promises—are off.

Taylor Russell is used to devastation and loss. Determined to pick up the pieces of her shattered family and start fresh, she pulls herself together long enough to deal with everything her brother left behind…including his ruggedly handsome best friend. But before she can begin her new life, Taylor discovers a side to her brother she never knew. One that sends her straight into a killer’s path.

Having no one left to turn to, Taylor puts her life—and her heart—in Greyson’s hands. Before long, they both find the love they’ve been missing, and a future someone is out to destroy. With the help of his teammates, Greyson will risk it all to save the woman who owns him. Because a life without Taylor isn’t an option. Not anymore.




He doesn’t trust easily. She’s the reason. Together they must race to stop a madman.

Former Air Force corpsman Rhys Maddox learned a long time ago never to trust a pretty face. So when the one person he hoped to never see again leaves a late-night voicemail begging for his help, he’s tempted to delete the message and move on—just like he’d spent the last few years trying to erase his memory of her. But despite his deep seated hatred for a woman he once loved, Rhys’ protective instincts send him back into a world he thought he left behind… and straight into the arms of the one woman he can’t seem to forget.

Vanessa Walsh is a ghost. A chameleon who can become whoever or whatever the U.S. government needs her to be. She’s been told her ability to deceive is a gift, but for Vanessa, it’s been nothing but a curse. Determined to break free from a life filled with lies and alter egos, she agrees to work one final job. But when things go sideways and her cover is blown, Vanessa’s only hope lies with a man who’d just as soon shoot her as trust her… The sexy Charlie Team operative who also happens to be the only man Vanessa ever really loved.

Thrust into the clandestine world of spies and hidden agendas, sparks fly once again as Rhys and Vanessa come together to thwart a madman’s plan for revenge. With help from the other members of R.I.S.C.’s Charlie Team, these two must find a way to work through the past while focusing on the only thing that matters now…Their future.




He’s a billionaire with an attitude and a secret government job. She’s a hacker on the run from her past. Together they must fight to keep her alive or lose their chance at happiness forever.


To the world, Parker Collins is little more than an entitled rich boy. He has a reputation for spending his days playing games and his nights in the arms of the next in a long line of willing women. But what you see isn’t always what you get, and for Parker, there’s only one woman consuming his every thought. One he’s starting to fall for…and he doesn’t even know her real name.


Quinn “Jinx” Wilder is a woman hiding from her past. She’s tried changing her name, using an encrypted phone, cutting herself off from the rest of the world… Everything a person with her skills is capable of. But it doesn’t matter. The man taunting her is still there. A faceless, nameless creature lurking in shadows. And when things escalate into a life-or-death situation, there’s only one person Quinn knows to turn to… A man she’s never actually met.


After a whirlwind rescue—and slightly awkward meet-cute—Parker and Quinn’s online friendship soon turns into something more. But just as these two computer geniuses begin considering they might have a future together, the unthinkable happens and Quinn is taken. Desperate to find the woman he loves before it’s too late, Parker turns to the one group he knows he can count on… The men of Charlie Team.


With five highly trained operatives by his side, Parker finds himself in a race against time and a greedy fugitive hell-bent on revenge. And failure is not an option. Not when it comes to the woman he loves.

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