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Bravo Team

(R.I.S.C. Spinoff Series)


They live to keep their country safe. They’re willing to die protect the women they love.

For the men of R.I.S.C.’s Bravo Team, keeping innocent lives safe is what they live for. Foreign

or domestic, these former military badasses take on the world’s most dangerous criminals

when others won’t. But when it’s the women they love who find themselves in danger, Bravo

Team’s gloves come off and the real hunting begins.

With help from Susan Stoker’s Delta Team characters, the men of Bravo Team set out to

destroy their enemies and rescue the ones they love. Because anything less than a Happy Ever

After isn’t an option for these sexy, Alpha heroes.



Rescuing Gracelynn


Bravo Team’s technical analyst and confirmed bachelor, Nathan Carter, is happy being single and has no intention of falling under the spell of a woman. Ever. Then, he meets Gracelynn. Before he knows it, the sweet, tenacious woman has Nate questioning his long-standing doubts about love, soul mates, and happily ever after.

Gracie McDaniels is happy with her new life and loves her new job. Working closely with the hunky guys on R.I.S.C.’s Bravo Team, including her future brother-in-law’s best friend, doesn’t seem as if it’ll be an issue…until she meets him.

Nate’s smart, funny, and handsome…everything she’s ever wanted in a partner. But just as they start to grow close, an innocent friendship from Gracie’s past comes back to haunt her. When her life is threatened, Gracie instinctively turns to Nate for protection and soon he and the other members of Bravo step up to keep Gracie safe.

With help from Ghost and his friends, the Delta Force and Bravo teams find themselves racing against the clock to save the only woman Nate has ever loved…before it’s too late.




Rescuing Katherine


Bravo Team operative Matthew Turner used to believe in happily ever after, but that was years ago, before the only woman he’s ever loved betrayed him and shredded his heart. Since then, he’s worked hard and played even harder, determined he’ll never be vulnerable again.


Katherine Marsh has only ever loved one man, but she was forced to cut Matt loose a decade ago to protect him. Since then, she’s focused on her research as a biomedical engineer…and tried not to regret losing the man who still haunts her dreams. Even from afar, she’s tried to continue protecting him by creating a military-commissioned formula that will save thousands of American operatives’ lives. But someone’s out there, determined to use Kat and her work as a weapon against the United States.


When Katherine unknowingly hires Matt’s private security team to protect her from recent threats, they’re forced to confront their tumultuous past. Just when their passion is rekindled and it seems they could find happiness together, the evil hunting Kat strikes.

With help from his Bravo teammates and Ghost’s Delta Team, Matt find himself on the most important mission of his life: to save the only woman he’s ever loved. Will he reach her before this nemesis destroys Matt and Katherine’s second chance at love forever?



Rescuing Gabriella


He found the one…and then she vanished.
After nearly dying on a Bravo Team op, former Marine Zade King spends the final weekend of his recovery in paradise. While reflecting on his life and what he wants going forward, he meets Gabby. She’s smart, funny, beautiful... Everything Zade’s ever wanted in a woman. But just when he thinks he’s found his future, she disappears without a trace.

She’s not who he thinks she is.
Growing up in the foster care system, Gabriella Stevens learned a lot of things. How to lie, how to fight, and most importantly, what loyalty means. So when the unthinkable happens and there’s no one else to turn to, Gabby must do whatever it takes in order to help the only family she’s ever known. Even if it means putting her own life on the line.

Can she regain his trust in time to save her sister?
When Bravo Team is tasked with shutting down the country’s largest human trafficking ring to date, they know their best chance at gaining intel is from the inside. The problem? The person best suited for the dangerous job is the same woman who ran off with Zade’s heart weeks before.

As they work together to catch a sadistic criminal, Zade is determined to learn who the real Gabby is. When he finally does, he falls even harder for the strong, determined woman. But the future they’re both starting to envision is threatened once again when Gabby is targeted by the same monster they’re trying to destroy.

With his Bravo brothers and Ghost’s Delta team by his side, Zade vows to stop at nothing to save the woman he loves…before it’s too late.



Rescuing Ellena

Two Estranged Hearts. One Second Chance. An Unknown Enemy Threatening to Destroy It.

He thought leaving would keep her safe.

Five years ago, Gabriel Dawson had it all. He was in charge of his own SEAL team, was married to the love of his life, and together, he and Elle were planning the future he’d always wanted. When he almost loses it all to an enemy out for revenge, Gabe is convinced walking away is the only way to keep his wife safe.

She thought he no longer loved her.

Military psychologist Ellena Dawson spends her days doing all she can to help active duty and retired service members cope with the aftermath of war and battle. Her nights are filled with dreams of the husband she loved…and lost. For three long years, Elle has prayed Gabe would find his way back to her, but when he finally does, she’s crushed to learn it’s not for the reasons she’d hoped.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Convinced the threat to Elle is real, Gabe insists on being her personal bodyguard. That means staying by his wife’s side…day and night. Despite both their efforts against it, familiar sparks soon begin to re-ignite, and the love they both thought was lost is found again.

When the unthinkable happens and Elle is taken from him, Gabe and the members of Bravo enlist the help of Ghost and his Delta brothers to hunt down the man responsible and bring Elle home.

Will these two soul mates finally get their second chance, or will the evil targeting Elle destroy their last chance at happiness forever?



Rescuing Jenna

A man who believes he’s unworthy of love. A woman determined to make him see the truth. An enemy watching from the shadows, ready to destroy them both for good.

Former Marine Adrian Walker has been called a lot of things…Liar. Traitor. Murderer. Bastard. In order to keep his country safe, he had to become all those things and more. And he’s been fine with it, until now. Until her. One glance into Jenna Shaw’s emerald eyes is all it takes for Adrian to fall. But after everything he’s done and every enemy he’s made, Adrian knows a future with the fiery redhead is an impossible dream. She deserves to be happy. To live a life free from the dangers of his world. She deserves…more.

Within seconds of meeting Adrian Walker, E.R. nurse Jenna Shaw wanted to kill him. Months later—after a late-night appearance on her doorstep, followed by a cold and heartless vanishing act—the only thing that’s changed is her motive. Desperate to escape the tumultuous memories of the sexy bad boy, Jenna accepts a job in an area some consider dangerous. What she doesn’t know is danger has already been watching her. Waiting for the perfect chance to use her in his sick game.

When Jenna suddenly goes missing, Adrian will do whatever it takes to find her. Even if it means asking the men of Bravo—as well as Ghost and his Delta team—for help. Can Adrian and others find Jenna in time to save her, or will the dangers from his past be the catalyst that destroys them both?

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