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Eagle's Nest Securities

Eagle’s Nest Securities Series: Anna Blakely’s brand New Romantic suspense series featuring a team of former military brothers on their quest for justice…and love. More information coming soon!



Keeping His Promise

She was his best friend's widow. She thought she'd lost her chance at love. Together, they'll have to face their true feelings...and also a killer.

Two years ago, Decorated Navy SEAL Logan Hayes was at the height of his military career when the team he led suffered back-to-back mission failures. One of which resulted in the loss of his teammate and best friend—who was also married to the woman Logan loves. Forced from the Navy, he continues to stay close, and when Natalie finds herself in danger, his need to protect has nothing to do with a promise to a dying man and everything to do with keeping the woman he loves safe.

After the death of her husband, Natalie Garrison felt as if her own life was over. Two years later, with her sister’s support and Logan’s friendship, she’s still here. Alive, but not really living. But that all changes with one unexpected kiss and a threat to her life. Suddenly Natalie is forced to fight for her life—and face a love she’s tried valiantly to deny.

Unable to turn their backs on what was meant to be, Logan and Natalie finally give in to the love Fate refuses to let slip past. With both his future and his heart on the line, Logan turns to his former team for help in keeping Natalie safe.

And who knows? If things go well, he and the others may just decide to make their reconnection permanent. After all, the only way they’ll ever discover what reallyhappened the day their former SEAL Team was ambushed is if they all work the case from the beginning…together.

No matter how long it takes.



Playing With Fire

**Blurb coming soon!

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