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Some people are marked for greatness. Others for fame and fortune. And then there are those marked by something else. Something darker that pulls them into In a world filled with danger...and love.



Marked for Death

She speaks for the dead.

For Dr. Maggie Carpenter, spending the day surrounded by death isn't just's her calling. As a forensic pathologist, it's her job to find justice for victims who are unable to speak for themselves. So when the sexy FBI agent she worked with a few months ago asks her to consult on a particularly disturbing case in Colorado, she can't bring herself to say no.

He lives to bring killers to justice.

FBI Special Agent Noah Killion has come face-to-face with evil before, but nothing like the killer he's up against now. With a monster terrorizing his city, he and his team will use every resource they have at their disposal to stop him. Including the beautiful, brilliant doctor he can't seem to forget.

The man they're hunting wants one more trophy for his collection. 

Working together again, the chemistry between Maggie and Noah becomes impossible to deny. While on the hunt for a killer, they find themselves falling hard and fast for one another. And when the monster in their sights becomes fixated on Maggie, Noah vows to keep the woman he's falling in love with safe...or die trying.

**Marked for Death is the first book in Ms. Blakely's exciting new romantic suspense series. As with all of Blakely's books, readers should expect lots of heart racing, edge-of-your-seat suspense, hot, romantic scenes, and an HEA for every couple. This series will not contain cliffhangers.



Marked for Revenge

A killer is on the loose, and he won’t stop until he makes everyone pay.

Two years ago, Allie Andrews did what she thought was right…and it cost her everything. Now the criminal she helped to put behind bars has escaped, and he’s hunting down everyone responsible for his conviction. Alone and afraid, Allie turns to the only man who can keep her safe. But if she’s not careful, the sexy special agent may steal the only part of herself she has left to give.

FBI Special Agent Wade Crenshaw’s need for justice put Allie in a killer’s crosshairs once before. So when he learns she’s in danger again, he puts everything on the line to protect her—including his heart. Because this time is different.

This time, Wade’s playing for keeps.

While in hiding, Allie and Wade find themselves in a whirlwind of danger and passion. Just when they think the worst is behind them, Allie vanishes without a trace. In an instant, the hunted becomes the hunter as Wade embarks on a mission to save the woman he loves.

For Wade, failure is not an option. He lost Allie once before. He damn sure won’t lose her forever.



Marked for Deception

He lied to catch a killer. She just wanted to escape the past. Neither realized just how deadly their deceptions could be.

Denver homicide detective Declan King lives by a strict code. But when he’s tasked with using an escaped serial killer’s daughter to catch the twisted murderer, his black and white world becomes blurred in ways he never could’ve imagined. And if he isn’t careful, Declan just might find himself crossing a line from which he'll never return.

Twelve years ago, Skye Lewis’ silence cost two women their lives. Since then, she’s lived a life of solitude. The unbearable guilt and shame, her penance. The only solace Skye feels comes from the knowledge that her serial killer father will spend the rest of his life behind bars. But when he escapes, and Skye’s life is put in danger, she finds comfort and protection from an unlikely source… The man who arrested her father all those years before.

Despite the secrets hovering between them, Declan and Skye soon find themselves caught in a web of passion and danger. But when their truths are revealed, the love they’ve only just discovered isn’t the only thing at risk. Because if Declan can’t neutralize the threat against Skye in time, he’ll lose more than his reputation as the best detective in Denver…

He’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved.


Marked for Obsession


He’s a former Navy SEAL with an attitude. She’s a sweet, sexy woman with a target on her back. Together they have an unknown enemy with only one thing on their agenda…to kill them both.

Jax Monroe makes no apologies about who he is or what he wants. A self-made man, there isn’t anything he needs. Least of all the quiet, sexy-without-even-trying woman who stumbles into his nightclub looking for help. Inexplicably drawn to Poppy’s big brown eyes and luscious smile, Jax reluctantly agrees to assist her. Little does he know his entire world is about to turn on its axis… In more ways than one.

Penelope “Poppy” Campbell is the sole witness to a vicious murder. The only problem is no one believes her. Desperate to prove she isn’t crazy, she turns to Jax Monroe—the sexy, intimidating, tattooed P.I. who also happens to own the hottest nightclub in Denver. The frustrating man makes her blood boil and her toes curl, but when danger closes in on them, Poppy has no choice but to trust Jax with her life.

Hidden away from the men hunting them down, these two are unable to escape the unbridled passion brewing between them. Before long, Jax and Poppy realize their lives aren’t the only things they stand to lose. And when danger finds them in the one place they should’ve been safe, Jax will stop at nothing to protect her. Because like it or not, Poppy is his.

His to protect. His to cherish. His…everything.



Marked for Danger

A detective with a big heart and a deadly aim. A forensic psychologist whose loyalty could get her killed. A ruthless killer out for revenge.

Denver Detective Grady Thorne has found a new home in the DPD. He has a partner he trusts, a unit he respects, and a boss he admires. Then there’s Izzy. Smart, sexy, and willing to keep things casual, the mouthwatering psychiatrist’s no-strings arrangement is all Grady needs...or so he thinks. But this reluctant detective is about to realize just how far he’ll go for the woman threatening to break through his long-standing defenses.

Dr. Isobel “Izzy” Garcia knows what it’s like to be failed by the system. Thanks to her broken past, she's gone through life refusing to let anyone get too close. Especially the sexy-as-sin Detective Thorne. Before now, their secret, friends-with-benefits agreement has given her everything she needs. But when Izzy and her estranged brother find themselves in the crosshairs of a killer, she'll do whatever it takes to protect the only family she has left. Even if it means putting her life—and heart—in Grady’s hands.

With danger knocking on Izzy’s door, Grady vows to keep her safe. But time is running out, and if they can’t find the person behind the attacks on her life in time, it’ll be too late for them all. Because the man they’re after is driven by a deep-seated revenge, and he won’t quit until Izzy’s guarded heart stops beating…forever.



Marked for Disaster

A man who was born to protect. A woman running from danger. An unknown enemy who refuses to quit.

Former Navy SEAL Ivan Petrov is accustomed to a life of adrenaline and secrecy. No longer under Uncle Sam’s thumb, he now works for Denver's most renowned nightclub owner and private investigator. But when Ivan’s boss and his new wife depart for their honeymoon, Ivan is left in charge of the club, plunging him into a situation he never expected.

Cera Davidson is on the run from a deranged stalker. Desperately seeking a safe haven, she goes in search of the owner of Sin, the city's hottest nightclub. But the face she meets isn’t the one she expects. With her choices—and time—running out, Cera reluctantly agrees to place her life in Ivan’s hands. A decision that will forever change the course of both their futures.

Brought together by fate, these two strangers soon become so much more. However, just when they believe they have eluded the clutches of danger, disaster strikes with deadly consequences, threatening not only their lives but also the lives of everyone in Denver.




Oliver “Olly” Garcia is on a mission to find his missing friend. But after a months-long search with nothing to show but a list of countless dead-ends, his hope of finding Rose starts to fade. Then he receives a phone call from Scarlett Hathaway—a woman claiming to be Rose’s long-lost sister. Despite his suspicions, Olly’s instincts tell him Scarlett is the key to uncovering the truth behind Rose’s disappearance. But if he’s not careful, the sexy redhead with a killer smile might also hold the key to unlocking his guarded heart.

For Scarlett Hathaway, what starts as a joke between friends turns into the discovery of a sister she’s never known. Horrified to learn of Rose’s disappearance, she turns to a man who claims to know her sister better than anyone. But the tall, dark, and deadly felon isn’t at all what she expects. Cold and gruff, Olly Garcia is the most infuriating…and tempting…man she’s ever met. Unfortunately for Scarlett, he’s also her best chance at finding Rose before it’s too late. 

As these two strangers embark on a journey to find a woman they both care about, they find themselves forced to go undercover…as lovers. What starts out as pretend soon becomes something very real. But just as Olly and Scarlett think their troubles are finally over, things go horribly sideways, leaving Scarlett’s life hanging in the balance. With help from his own sister—and some unlikely friends—this man with a past will discover just how far he’ll go to save the woman he loves.

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