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R.I.S.C. Delta Team

R.I.S.C. Delta Team Series: Anna Blakely’s newest and highly anticipated R.I.S.C. spinoff series. More information coming soon!




He’s not supposed to want her. She’s tried to forget him. A killer determined to keep his secrets hidden, no matter the cost.

As the leader of RISC’s elite Delta Team, Christian Hunt thrives on adrenaline and danger. But his biggest challenge lies within his own heart. Crippled by the weight of his past and burdened by age-old secret, he believes he can only protect the woman he loves by pushing her away. Torn between duty, secrets, and the woman who captured his heart, he has a choice to make: Face his inner demons once and for all and be the man she deserves…or watch her walk away for good.

Megan King is desperate to understand why Christian—her brother’s best friend and the man she’s secretly loved for years—developed such an aversion to her. Confused and hurt by his sudden indifference toward her, she convinces herself it’s time to move on. But when a random act of kindness makes her the target of a sinister plot to kill, Megan has no choice but to put her life in Christian’s hands.

As they navigate a treacherous game of cat and mouse, Christian and Megan are forced to confront their feelings while fighting to keep Megan alive. Passion ignites and truths are revealed, but their love hangs in the balance as their enemy closes in. And if they aren’t careful, the shared love they’ve only just begun to enjoy will be lost to the hands of a killer.




Not knowing what you have until it’s gone is a lesson former Navy SEAL Brody King learns the hard way in this steamy, friends-to-lovers romantic suspense by bestselling author Anna Blakely.

R.I.S.C. Delta Team operative Brody King has never seen Aurora “Ro” Tennison as anything more than a friend. But when his younger sister’s BFF becomes the target of an unknown assailant, he finds himself insisting on being the one to keep her safe. As the attacks on Ro escalate, everything Brody thought he knew shifts. Before long, this government-sanctioned killer begins to wonder if the one thing missing from his life was right in front of him all along.

Ro Tennison has always spoken her mind and played it smart, refusing to acknowledge her heart’s deepest desire. Not even her best friend knows about the secretly harbored feelings she's been carrying for Brody, her friend’s older brother. But when the man of her dreams appoints himself her personal protector, Ro quickly discovers she’s no match for the sexy former SEAL.

Unable to ignore the magnetic pull drawing them together, Brody and Ro soon find themselves caught in an unexpected storm of unbridled passion and danger. But just when they think Ro is finally safe, the unthinkable happens and she goes missing. An ominous warning the only clue left in her place.

With Ro’s life—and Brody’s heart—on the line, he and the other men of Delta Team go on the hunt. Because Ro’s no longer just Brody’s friend. She’s his everything.

And if he and the others can’t find her before the clock runs out, he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved.


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