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He wanted a break from the action. She wanted to prove she could be more. They found each other in paradise…but a killer followed them home.


Former Army Ranger Garrett Morgan loves working for Tactical Operations. Using his special forces training to rescue innocent civilians is what he lives for. But lately, Garrett’s been feeling the strain of a life that’s all work and no play. So, when he’s offered the chance for a little rest and relaxation, he takes it. Not realizing the decision is one that will change his life forever.


At twenty-eight, Avery Webb has a perfectly fine life. But she wants more than fine. She wants excitement. Adventure. And most of all…she never, ever wants to hear her sister call her boring and predictable again. So, when she’s dared to do something impulsive, Avery accepts the challenge by booking a week-long cruise…alone. Though she instantly regrets the decision, Avery is determined to follow through. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


After a chance meeting on the ship, the sparks between Garrett and Avery are instant and impossible to deny. What starts as a casual vacation romance soon turns into something more. The two embark on a journey of discovery and passion, but when a deadly situation makes Avery a killer’s target, Garrett and his team will stop at nothing to rescue the woman he loves and bring her home.


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