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He's Searching For Purpose

Former Delta Force operator Trace Winters is an expert at two things: Finding the bad guys and taking them down. The instinct he was born with and the skills he’s learned make him the perfect candidate to lead R.I.S.C.’s new Charlie Team. But when Trace accepts a job working for Jake McQueen—his former teammate and friend—he quickly realizes he’s gotten more than he ever bargained for.

She's Searching For Love

Emma Cooper has always lived life to its fullest. From skydiving to culinary classes, there isn’t much she hasn’t done…except fall in love. While working a temp job at R.I.S.C., she meets Trace—a sexy, breath-stealing man who makes her knees weak and her insides quiver. But just when Emma decides to make her attraction for the hunky security expert known, all hell breaks loose and R.I.S.C. falls under attack

Someone Is Out To Destroy Risk...And Anyone Else Who Gets In His Way

With an unknown force out for revenge and Jake critically injured, Trace steps in to help Alpha Team win their toughest battle yet. But when Emma becomes the madman’s next target, Trace will risk everything to keep the woman he’s falling for safe. Because time is running out...for them all.


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