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A killer is on the loose, and he won’t stop until he makes everyone pay.

Two years ago, Allie Andrews did what she thought was right…and it cost her everything. Now the criminal she helped to put behind bars has escaped, and he’s hunting down everyone responsible for his conviction. Alone and afraid, Allie turns to the only man who can keep her safe. But if she’s not careful, the sexy special agent may steal the only part of herself she has left to give.

FBI Special Agent Wade Crenshaw’s need for justice put Allie in a killer’s crosshairs once before. So when he learns she’s in danger again, he puts everything on the line to protect her—including his heart. Because this time is different.

This time, Wade’s playing for keeps.

While in hiding, Allie and Wade find themselves in a whirlwind of danger and passion. Just when they think the worst is behind them, Allie vanishes without a trace. In an instant, the hunted becomes the hunter as Wade embarks on a mission to save the woman he loves.

For Wade, failure is not an option. He lost Allie once before. He damn sure won’t lose her forever.

Marked for Revenge is a twisted tale of love and survival. Get ready for a romantic suspense story that will keep your heart pounding and your toes curling as Wade and Allie fight for their lives…and the love they’ve only just begun to find.


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