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Two estranged hearts. One second chance. An unknown enemy threatening to destroy it. 


He thought leaving would keep her safe. 


Five years ago, Gabriel Dawson had it all. He was in charge of his own SEAL team, was married to the love of his life, and together, he and Elle were planning the future he’d always wanted. When he almost loses it all to an enemy out for revenge, Gabe is convinced walking away is the only way to keep his wife safe. 


She thought he no longer loved her. 


Military psychologist Ellena Dawson spends her days doing all she can to help active duty and retired service members cope with the aftermath of war and battle. Her nights are filled with dreams of the husband she loved...and lost. For three long years, Elle has prayed Gabe would find his way back to her, but when he finally does, she’s crushed to learn it’s not for the reasons she’d hoped. 


They couldn’t be more wrong. 


Convinced the threat to Elle is real, Gabe insists on being her personal bodyguard. That means staying by his wife’s and night. Despite both their efforts against it, familiar sparks soon begin to reignite, and the love they both thought was lost is found again. 


When the unthinkable happens and Elle is taken from him, Gabe and the members of Bravo enlist the help of Ghost and his Delta brothers to hunt down the man responsible and bring Elle home. 

Will these two soul mates finally get their second chance, or will the evil targeting Elle destroy their last chance at happiness forever?


  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to reach out to Anna or Mr. B. for any further questions!

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