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One woman. Two guarded hearts. A future hanging in the balance.


He found the one…and then she vanished. 


After nearly dying on a Bravo Team op, former marine Zade King spends the final weekend of his recovery in paradise. While reflecting on his life and what he wants going forward, he meets Gabby. She’s smart, funny, beautiful...everything Zade’s ever wanted in a woman. But just when he thinks he’s found his future, she disappears without a trace. 


She’s not who he thinks she is. 


Growing up in the foster care system, Gabriella Stevens learned a lot of things. How to lie, how to fight, and most importantly, what loyalty means. So when the unthinkable happens and there’s no one else to turn to, Gabby must do whatever it takes in order to help the only family she’s ever known. Even if it means putting her own life on the line. 


Can she regain his trust in time to save her sister? 


When Bravo Team is tasked with shutting down the country’s largest human-trafficking ring to date, they know their best chance at gaining intel is from the inside. The problem? The person best suited for the dangerous job is the same woman who ran off with Zade’s heart weeks before. 


As they work together to catch a sadistic criminal, Zade is determined to learn who the real Gabby is. When he finally does, he falls even harder for the strong, determined woman. But the future they’re both starting to envision is threatened once again when Gabby is targeted by the same monster they’re trying to destroy. 


With his Bravo brothers and Ghost’s Delta team by his side, Zade vows to stop at nothing to save the woman he loves…before it’s too late.


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