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He gave her his heart - and she shattered it.


Bravo Team Operative Matthew Turner used to believe in happily ever after, but that was years ago, before the only woman he’s ever loved betrayed him and shredded his heart. Since then, he’s worked hard and played even harder, determined he’ll never be vulnerable again. 


Not everything is as it seems.


Katherine Marsh has only ever loved one man, but she was forced to cut Matt loose a decade ago to protect him. Since then, she’s focused on her research as a biomedical engineer...and tried not to regret losing the man who still haunts her dreams. Even from afar, she’s tried to continue protecting him by creating a military-commissioned formula that will save thousands of American operatives’ lives. But someone’s out there, determined to use Kat and her work as a weapon against the United States. 


He'll fight to the death to save her.


When Katherine unknowingly hires Matt’s private security team to protect her from recent threats, they’re forced to confront their tumultuous past. Just when their passion is rekindled and it seems they could find happiness together, the evil hunting Kat strikes. 


With help from his Bravo teammates and Ghost’s Delta Team, Matt find himself on the most important mission of his life: to save the only woman he’s ever loved. Will he reach her before this nemesis destroys Matt and Katherine’s second chance at love forever?


  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to reach out to Anna or Mr. B. for any further questions!

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