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He doesn’t trust easily. She’s the reason. Together they must race to stop a madman.

Former Air Force pararescueman Rhys Maddox learned a long time ago never to trust a pretty face. So when the one person he hoped to never see again leaves a late-night voicemail begging for his help, he’s tempted to delete the message and move on—just like he’d spent the last few years trying to erase his memory of her. But despite his deep seated hatred for a woman he once loved, Rhys’ protective instincts send him back into a world he thought he left behind… and straight into the arms of the one woman he can’t seem to forget.

Vanessa Marsh is a ghost. A chameleon who can become whoever or whatever the U.S. government needs her to be. She’s been told her ability to deceive is a gift, but for Vanessa, it’s been nothing but a curse. Determined to break free from a life filled with lies and alter egos, she agrees to work one final job. But when things go sideways and her cover is blown, Vanessa’s only hope lies with a man who’d just as soon shoot her as trust her… The sexy Charlie Team operative who also happens to be the only man Vanessa ever really loved.

Thrust into the clandestine world of spies and hidden agendas, sparks fly once again as Rhys and Vanessa come together to thwart a madman’s plan for revenge. With help from the other members of R.I.S.C.’s Charlie Team, these two must find a way to work through the past while focusing on the only thing that matters now…Their future.

**RHYS is a standalone military romance and romantic suspense story from bestselling author Anna Blakely. Book 4 in the Charlie Team Series, this second-chance, enemies-to-lovers romance is full of love, action, and edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep your heart racing from the first page to the last.


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