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They've Been Partners For Years

Alpha Team snipers, Sean “Coop” Cooper and McKenna “Mac” Kelley have worked side-by-side for years. As partners, they’re a force to be reckoned with. As friends, they’re about as close as two people can get. But lately, something’s been brewing between them...A hidden, passionate level of desire neither has ever experienced before.

He Wants To be More

When Mac’s dangerous past catches up to her, she’s pulled back into the dark, ugly world she escaped from. Refusing to put her teammates at risk, she decides to take on her twisted family alone. But Coop has other plans. After all, Mac isn’t just his partner…She’s the woman who owns him, heart and soul. Even if she doesn't know it.

A Killer Is Out For Blood

When a target is placed on both their backs, Mac must face the secrets she buried, as well as the love she's been denying herself for years. Soon, she and Coop find themselves fighting to stay alive, determined to protect each other…and the future they both want.


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